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Hi! This is Huibo. I'm a fine art photographer based in San Diego, California, USA. My interest in photography started back in 1999 as an occasional hobbyist then became more serious in recent years.

Landscape photography, especially black and white landscape photography, is the art medium that I am passionate about. I use it as an outlet to create, to connect with nature,  and to express my views and emotions.

Awards, Publication, News


Excellence Award, Black & White Portfolio Contest 2021.  6 images are published in Black & White Magazine  Special Issue #147.

9 photos from "Nature's Botanical Sand Art" portfolio are published in  Lenswork Magazine  No. 151, February 2021 Issue, "Image Suites"


Included by Capture Landscapes as part of Top Inspirational Landscape Photographers of 2020


Monochrome Awards International Black & White Photography Contest 2019:

• Monochrome Discovery of the Year 2019 ;

• 1st Place, Landscape, Amateur category and Landscapes Discovery of the Year 2019 ;

Featured and interviewed by Shades of Grey photography magazine, February 2019

Featured and interviewed by the curated photography art gallery 1x.com, January 2019

“Huibo Hou: Landscape Photographer Embracing Natural Rhythms”


Monochrome Awards International Black & White Photography Contest 2018:

• 2nd Place, Landscape, Amateur category ;

International Landscape Photographer of the Year (ILPOTY) 2018:

• Two images are selected into Top 101 Landscape Photographs

2018 ILPOTY Book

Sony World Photography Awards 2018:

• Commended in Open, Landscape & Nature category ( Morning Glory, Yellowstone National Park )

Interviewed by World Photography Organization,  April 2018 

“Exploring the poetic impact of black and white photography”

Interviewed by the Vision and Life Blog, March 2018 

"Interview with Huibo Hou, USA"


International Landscape Photographer of the Year (ILPOTY) 2017:

• 3rd place, International Landscape Photographer of the Year;

• Two images are selected into Top 101 Landscape Photograhs

2017 ILPOTY Book

Monochrome Awards International Black & White Photography Contest 2017:

• Four Honorable Mentions, Landscape, Amateur;

• Three Honorable Mentions, Fine Art, Amateur;


Exhibition in San Diego Natural History Museum for the Best of Nature Photography Show (2016)

Best of Nature 2016 Exhibition

Artist Statement

Photography is an art medium that speaks to me the most as an outlet for my creativity. I especially love landscape photography. It allows me time to think, discover and create; it gives me great pleasure to find silence, solitude, simplicity, and sometimes coincidence and surprises in nature. Through my images, I want to offer the world my perspectives and express my connections with nature. Over the years I discovered that I’m naturally drawn to black and white (B&W) images, especially B&W landscape. The biggest reason, other than the timeless appeal of B&W, lies in the fact that B&W landscape photography, by its nature, gives me more freedom to depart from the visual reality. Therefore, for me, the joy of being creative comes from identifying the underlying beauty and potential from a more visible and obvious color reality, then transforming it to a black and white vision.

Digital technology has brought a whole new generation of photographers, including myself. It simplified and relieved so many technical challenges for photo enthusiasts in planning and image-taking, and provided so many astonishing enhancing possibilities with the ever-improving post-processing techniques. However, to me, the essence of photography remains the same. It is still the skill of observation and creative composition, being able to extract something interesting and unique, whether grand or intimate, whether from a popular location or an ordinary place. This is what makes one a real photographer, and is what I am continuously striving to learn and master.

We photographers always face the same question,  even more so during the digital age: how does my photography differentiate from others'? To me, it is not about going to the most unique locations, not about learning the most advanced post-processing techniques, certainly not about using the best equipment, not even about chasing the best lighting – rather, it is about expressing something unique about ourselves through our images. We must feel a true connection with the scene and dig deep for it , then find the most effective way to capture and post-process, in order to communicate that deep connection through our own angle or style. I believe, that is the only way to make our photography truly our own.

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